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Sat, March 03, 2007

Solomons 2006 Favorite of the Day, March 3, 2007    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

I’ve always had great fun photographing the various anemonefish in the Solomons. I have seen Clowns (Percula), Pinks, Clarks, Orangefins, Red and Blacks, White Bonnets, Pandas, Oranges and Spinecheeks there (using imprecise common names). Among my favorites are the spinecheeks. Spinecheeks usually dwell in bubble tip anemones, also a favorite. Normally there is a pair, with a larger female and a smaller male, and there may be some juveniles present as well. This photo is of a male spinecheek in a bubble tip anemone. If you look closely, you can see the tiny spines coming out from his cheeks, one on each side.

Spinecheek anemonefish


Sat, February 24, 2007

Solomons 2006 Favorite of the Day, February 24, 2007    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

There is a wide variety of coral hermit crabs in the Solomons. You will likely see many of them show up in my favorites of the day for a while :). I was hoping to catch this one with the crab and the christmas tree worm both as points of interest. The depth of field was so shallow, that I think it was an impossible quest, but the crab was cute anyway…

coral hermit crab


Sat, February 17, 2007

Solomons ‘06 Favorite of the Day, February 17, 2007    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

There is beauty in some of the most common creatures on the reef.

Crinoid detail


Tue, February 06, 2007

Solomons 2006 and Leafy Sea Dragon Galleries    [ Diving,Photography,Travel,Website updates ]

The galleries and slideshows are up for my recent trip to the Solomon Islands and Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, where the leafy sea dragons live. I was even able to once again create a slideshow that works on the Mac. It’s Flash based, and a larger download than the PC slideshow, but I’m happy to be able to support that platform again!

Here’s the link to the main gallery page, which has links to the slideshows as well:




Better late than never!    [ General,Photography ]

Did I do a calendar this year?? Actually yes, though it was a bit delayed. I created a quick one before my trip to the Solomons in December, just so I could get a couple printed for family before I left, since I knew it would be well into January before I was back. But I wanted to have photos from the Solomons included in my final calendar, so I did not post it on my site at that time. I’ve now integrated some photos from the Solomons trip, so it is done and available. A little late for those who like to have their calendars in January, but available nonetheless!

Calendar 2007


Sat, February 03, 2007

Solomons ‘06 Favorite of the Day, February 3, 2007    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

I am busily working on my Solomons and Adelaide galleries, and hope to be able to launch them very shortly.  In the meantime, here is the first of what will be my series on favorites of the day from that trip.

This is a juvenile spinecheek anemonefish, in a fluorescent bubble tip anemone.  The anemone looks neon red to the eye in ambient light, but the strobe light saps out the fluorescence in the photo, leaving the golden brown color.  Sometime I will have to try taking an ambient light photo that does it justice.

Juvenile Spinecheek


Tue, January 09, 2007

Leafy Sea Dragons!    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

We are in Adelaide, doing some diving and wine touring.  Barossa Valley yesterday and diving the Rapid Bay Jetty the day before.  I was able to see leafy sea dragons for the first time.  Here are a couple of photos:

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Closeup


Thu, January 04, 2007

Teaser from the Solomons…    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

Live from Brisbane.. We got in from the Solomons yesterday. I shot all macro with film on the charter, so the only digital photos I have are from my few wide angle dives. This is a shot of a school of barracuda at Mary Island, between the Russell Islands and Marovo Lagoon in the Solomons.
Barracuda at Mary Island
We are headed to Adelaide tomorrow to find leafy sea dragons. I’ll probably shoot them with film, so may not have photos to share until I am back home, but I may be able to post another of the WA shots from the Solomons. Stay tuned!


Sat, December 16, 2006

Favorite of the Day, December 16, 2006    [ Photography,Travel ]

Rhinopias scorpionfish are some of the most beautiful fish in the ocean. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns. I’ve been lucky enough to see several, and each one was lovely. This Rhinopias was only the second one I’d ever seen, and it was very unexpectedly seen on our Thailand trip.

I’m about to head out to dive for a bit, so I’ll pick back up on favorites of the day in January. Have a very merry holiday season!



Sat, December 09, 2006

Favorite of the Day, December 9, 2006    [ Photography ]

In 2001 I made my first trip to Papua New Guinea and got to see many cool critters and behaviors. I like the Risbecia tryoni nudibranchs and had seen them in the Solomons, but in PNG, I saw one with an emperor shrimp on it for the first time. This shrimp seems almost too large for the nudibranch!

Nudi with shrimp


Sat, December 02, 2006

Favorite of the Day, December 1, 2006    [ Photography ]

The Halgerda stricklandii nudibranchs in today’s favorite are indigenous to Thailand, and named after the ex Ocean Rover photo pro, Mark Strickland. They are a striking nudi.

Halgerda stricklandii nudibranchs


Sun, November 26, 2006

Favorite of the Day, November 25, 2006    [ Photography ]

From the cold waters of the Pacific NW, comes a simple photograph of a common animal. This is the sea lemon nudibranch, Anisodoris nobilis, taken in Hood Canal, only a few hours drive from my house.

Sea lemon nudibranch


Sat, November 18, 2006

Favorite of the Day, November 18, 2006    [ Photography ]

This is another shot from the trip to Thailand. It’s a wire coral goby, and tiny fish that lives on wire coral, fairly well camoflauged. This one has a parasite on each side where the gills are.

wire coral goby


Sat, November 11, 2006

Favorite of the Day, November 11, 2006    [ Photography ]

This is a white eye (or pearl eye) eel, photo taken on my trip to Thailand. It makes me laugh :).

white eye eel


Sat, November 04, 2006

Favorite of the Day, November 4, 2006    [ Photography ]

Allied cowries are lovely little creatures in the mollusc family, related to nudibranchs and various other shells. Some of these live on beautiful sea fans and have beautiful matching camoflauge of their own in their mantles. This allied cowrie was on a fan in Papua New Guinea. The fan polyps are open, lending to a lush and colorful look.

Allied cowrie


Sat, October 28, 2006

Favorite of the Day, October 28, 2006    [ Photography ]

I think we’ve probably seen enough of the images I have from the Lembeh 2006 trip. However, I have been enjoying posting these favorites to my news page, so I’m going to continue with a theme, and choose a favorite periodically from my other galleries.

The photo I’ve chosen for today is from my 2004 Solomon Islands gallery. I took this photo at Mary Island, which is known for large schools of fish and pelagics. But it’s also a great spot for macro life. This is a pair of blueband gobies. They are bottom filterers and are frequently seen in pairs. I love their subtle but jewelled markings.

Blueband Gobies


Sat, October 21, 2006

Website update..    [ Website updates ]

I have updated my gallery engine to Exhibit Engine 2.01, so it’s looking a bit differently. It also doesn’t display perfectly in IE 6 and earlier, because of IE bugs, but there shouldn’t be any serious gaps. While some things look differently, and some link names have changed, most all the old functionality and more should be there. If you notice some funniness, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me a note. Thanks!


Thu, October 19, 2006

2006 LAUPS International Photo Competition Results    [ Photography ]

Looks like the results just got posted. I previously posted this image as a Lembeh Favorite of the Day. It placed fifth in Macro Digital. This is a tough competition, so I’m happy with fifth, especially in the very popular Macro category!

Ringed Pipefish


Sat, October 14, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, October 14, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

Risbecia tryoni is one of my favorite nudibranchs. I like the dark purple spots and skirt edging, and the shades of brown coloration. These nudibranchs frequently are “tailgaters” in pairs, and sometimes have commensal shrimp aboard.

Risbecia tryoni nudibranch


Sat, October 07, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, October 7, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

Pegasusfish or Pegasus Sea Moths are very small and very well camoflauged fish that dwell on sand bottoms, blending in so well that if you look away from them for just a moment, you frequently have to re-search the bottom to find them again. This aids in their survival, as they are also slow and clumsy. So low to the bottom, they are a difficult subject to photograph as you can’t “get under them”.



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