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Sat, September 30, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, September 30, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

How about another cephalopod?  One of my favorite marine animals is the cuttlefish, which, as octopus, come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.  The reef cuttles in Lembeh are fairly friendly, but cautious.  Some of them hide in the sand.  This cuttlefish was high in the water column.  You can tell by the coloration that it was relaxed and not threatened, yet did not let me get close enough for a face portrait.



Sat, September 23, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, September 23, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

Lembeh has wonderful octopuses. I have seen the mimic, wonderpus, long armed, and starry octopuses there, along with this guy, the coconut octopus. The coconut octopus takes shelter in coconut or mollusc shells, and frequently carries them around with him on his travels of the day.

Octopus with shell

Walking Octopus


Sat, September 16, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, September 16, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

There are lots of interesting nudibranchs, and many in Lembeh just seem to want to pose, especially the Hypselodoris bullocki:

Hypselodoris bullocki


Sat, September 09, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, September 9, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

One of the approaches I like to take (and which I learned from Chris Newbert) is to look at an ordinary subject, such as this Chromodoris quadricolor nudibranch, and try to show it in an unordinary way.  Still working on this tactic…

Chromodoris quadricolor


Sat, September 02, 2006

Lembeh ‘06 Favorite of the Day, September 2, 2006    [ Diving,Photography,Travel ]

There are many, many frogfish in the Lembeh Strait. Lembeh has the reputation of being the frogfish capital of the world, and I have to believe it. I’ve certainly never seen so many frogs as I’ve seen there. Some are large, some are tiny, some are ugly, and some are very beautiful. This one had a lovely face.



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