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Wed, November 09, 2005

Whew! It’s done….    [ Diving,Nerd stuff,Photography,Travel,Website updates ]

I have spent the last two weeks wading through and processing photos, getting slideshows ready and my website updated with new galleries and shows. I hand mounted nearly 700 slides, reviewed about as many digital photos, and edited about 800 photos. After more culling, there are nearly 600 in the two galleries for Wakatobi and Lembeh. It was a good trip!

I’ve also been experimenting with a couple of Flash applications. One is a gallery generator and I used it for a summary gallery for the whole trip. A good solution for folks who don’t want to look at 600 photos! Also, I normally make my PC slideshows using PicturesToExe and/or Proshow Gold/Producer. I also try to make one for Mac users, and have been using LiveSlideshow, which is really buggy and a pain to use. I tried exporting video from my PicturesToExe slideshow and creating a Flash based movie out of it with Riva Producer, but it is huge and requires streaming, which doesn’t work so well from my site when tons of people might be trying to download or stream at once (when the links are announced). Anyway, I went back to LiveSlideshow, but I have got to find a better way!

All right, so the gist of this is that the galleries are up, and now linked from my main page. The slideshows are up as well. If you like, take a look:

Indonesia 2005



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