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Solomon Islands 1998



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Chocolate Velvet Octopus Swirling Razorfish Robust Ghost Pipefish Spinecheek Anemonefish Orange-fin Anemonefish Clown Triggerfish Clark's Anemonefish Table Coral Scenic Purple Anthias Scenic Blue-spotted Stingray Soft Coral Scenic Soft Coral Scenic Can you find the Pygmy Seahorse? Vivid Soft Coral Blue Star Detail Flatworm Popcorn Shrimp on Anemone Backlit Anemone Pink Anemonefish Percula Clownfish Percula Clownfish Percula Clownfish Anemone near Cut-through Anemone near Cut-through Soft Coral Scenic Clownfish on Blue-tipped Anemone Anemonefish Hotel Clownfish on Orange-sided Anemone Clownfish on Orange-sided Anemone
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